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We are curently fundraising for the ‘Keeping Girls in school’ project. We would ask you to please support us through making donations on our donation page. The proceeds of our events are used to support girls in schools through our reusable pads program with AFRIpads. For as little as 6€, we are able to donate a menstrual kit of reusable pads to a school girl that she can use for up to a year. 

Please register in the provided links. Once you have successfully registered, you will receive your personal participation link and further information via e-mail before the online event starts. Please note that any info collected for any particular event is deleted after that event. By registering, you agree to the data protection guidelines. To stay in touch, you will soon be able to sign up for our Newsletter, and be sure to follow all our socials, and this website.

Please note, the minimum donation for this event is 12€.